Meet IB1

IB1 is a different robot, with routines completely different from the rest, in whose skin we will get to live this fascinating adventure. Our robotic friend with whom we will live this story will have the ability to learn, to feel and to think for himself.

Know the Gameplay

"Adome" is a first person action and adventure game for single players that combines exploration, platforms, action and some puzzles.
The gameplay is fast, agile and precise. There is nothing pre-established, you have total control and not measuring your movements well will lead you to die again and again. Being patient and observer in some situations, fast and agile in others and intelligent in many others will be crucial to overcome the adventure.

Learn the history

"Adome" takes us to "City of light". A large, beautiful and colorful city covered by a dome and inhabited only by robots. Each of them with assigned routines that keep the city in perfect condition.
Among all of them, a different one, IB1. With routines completely different from the rest. With ability to learn, to feel and to think for himself.
Finding the hidden truth behind this beautiful city will make you live a journey with a mature and dark history at the same time wonderful. A trip that will make you feel strong emotions, that will take you to incredible places and that will force you to adapt to overcome it.